Can I apply for an Erasmus study or training period at ISPA?

All the students who are citizens of the E.U. or with permanent residence visas can apply.

They also have to have a valid inscription in a partner University (avaiable soon).


Where do I apply?

You start by handing in all the necessary papers at your home University and after they have been validated by them they should be sent to us according to the deadlines defined in the internal regulations for incoming students. 


Who signs all my papers at ISPA?

All your papers should be forwarded to the International Relations Office (international@ispa.pt) and they will be signed by our Coordinator or by the Erasmus Officer.


How long can I stay? 

According to the rules set by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), your stay, can vary from 3 months to a maximum of 12 months.


Can I change the duration of my stay at ISPA?

Yes. From our point of view there will be no problem in extending your stay, as long as the request is done within reasonable time limits. You should also have the authorisation of your home University.


Do I have to make any payments while at ISPA?

No. You are exempt from any payments here at ISPA.


What courses can I enrol in at ISPA? 

You can enrol in any courses belonging to any 1st or 2nd cycle degrees existent at ISPA (see list here!)

Exceptionally the ISPA Coordinator might allow inscriptions in 3rd cycle courses in very specific situations.


How do I enrol in these courses? 

When you arrive at ISPA you will have to make your matriculation as any regular student of ISPA and at that moment you will also enrol in all the courses.


How am I evaluated?

Each course will have its own evaluation method and scale. You should consult with each of the teachers at the beginning of your study period to confirm that information.

You can also take a look at the general regulations of our 1st and 2nd cycle degrees.


How do I get accredited for my work here at ISPA?

At the end of your study period we will issue a Transcript of records where all the grades you obtained at all the subjects you enrolled in will be discriminated.