Welfare Office

It is the Social Affairs Office’s (Gabinete de Acção Social - GAS) mission to provide ISPA students the best study conditions possible and guarantee that no student is excluded from the private higher education system due to financial incapacity.


GAS’s mission is achieved through the attribution of scholarships both governmental (welfare grant) and by a social plan created and assured by ISPA (bolsa ISPA).


The welfare grant is a public aid to help students, whose household are considered needy, to better cope with financial difficulties, to help paying tuition fees, accommodation, meals, books, and so on. No student can live only with the grant, yet it continues to mean a substantial support, as recognized by students and their families.


Welfare Grant


How To Apply

Students can apply to this scholarship in 4 different phases throughout the year. To apply, the student must come to GAS to obtain the necessary credentials to fill in the online application form in the DGES website.


To Submit the Application

Candidates shall submit the application in On-line Applications and then scan and upload the requested necessary documents.


To Confer the Final Results

When the application analysis is finished the candidate shall receive an SMS or an e-mail indicating that the Provisory Result is available at the On-line Application’s site. From this day onwards the candidate has 10 week days to complete his/her application in case of missing documents.

After sending the documents the process is re-evaluated promptly and the candidate shall receive an SMS or an email indicating the Final Result is available. From that day onwards the student has 15 week days to complain at the Process’s Situation/Results Consultation area at the On-line Application site.

We highlight that the applications are analyzed in a chronological order and the respective results shall be revealed individually.


Bolsa ISPA


This aid is available only to non-eligible students according to the Welfare Grant Regulations. Should you be a non- UE resident, please contact us for further details.


Contact Information


For further information, please contact us:

GAS – Gabinete de Acção Social

E-mail: gas@ispa.pt

Tel: +351 218 811 725