Internship and Career Center Office

This Office mission is:


  • The management of the processes of curricular or extra-curricular internships;
  • The management of the relation with ISPA’s alumni community;
  • Monitorization and characterization of the professional inclusion of ISPA’s alumni community, as well as their academic and professional careers.


Therefore, ISPA’s Internship and Career Center Office provides:


  • Management of the allocation of the internships;
  • Management and maintenance of a comprehensive list of internships available;
  • Mediation of the relationships between students and the outside institutions, organizations, business/industry and government agencies where they will learn and work;
  • Interaction with the Professors that supervise the internships;
  • Interaction with the alumni community.


Internships are structured, credit-bearing, supervised experiences designed to compliment and enrich the academic program. All Students participate in an internship-related course.


Internships are available in all of the 1st and 2nd Cycle Degree Programs available at ISPA in Institutions/Services that intervene in the specific areas offered by the programs, namely Hospitals, Prisons or Schools.


Contact Information

For further information, please contact us:


Internship and Career Center Office


Phone: +351 218 811 757