Master in Social and Organizational Psychology

Course Presentation

This program aims to train psychologists capable of understanding and intervening on the social and organizational factors that shape human behaviour.

It focuses on the transmission of knowledge and the development of knowing how to think and knowing how to act in an autonomous and scientifically sustained way, in different social contexts.

Develops context-driven scientific thinking, applied in areas of social / organizational intervention.

Provides the student with skills in applied and laboratory research in social contexts and skills in assessment, diagnosis and intervention (in human resources management, recruitment and selection, advertising and consumer behaviour, social intervention, intervention in teams, sports and performance, and work contexts in general).

It prepares the student for an unknown future independent of current trends, creating autonomy in the search for ever changing knowledge.


Key Learning Outcomes

Learning is focused on the theoretical models that support understanding of social phenomena and intervention at the individual, group and organizational levels.
The master aims at;
- Intended that the student acquires research skills that support the translation of scientific knowledge to the field and enhance an intervention that is sustained in the scientific method.
- Develops assessment and needs analysis skills and the need for theoretical support of intervention plans.
- Familiarizes the student with the social and organizational variables and processes in which they may intervene aiming at social, cognitive and emotional adaptation.
- Addresses social cognition, judgment and decision, social influence, persuasion, psychological assessment, organizational behaviour, psychosocial aspects of work, processes of change, along with a broad set of optional subjects and personal and professional skills across all areas (e.g. communicational, ethical, developmental and emotional regulation).



Programme structure

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Working Hours & Contacts


10:30h to 17:30h



Phone: +351 218 811 700

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