Master in Clinical Psychology

Course Presentation

This objetives of this Master are:

1) Train psychologists with technical and scientific knowledge for autonomous practice in clinical context;
2) Train a new generation of researchers in Clinical Psychology;
3) Train professionals:

a) with relational and communication skills for the practice of clinical psychology;
b) with skills enabling them to be updated throughout their lives,
c) willing to disseminate science;
d) and sensitivity to current societal problems, working with minorities and people in situations of exclusion.


Key Learning Outcomes

1) To deepen the foundations, models and theories of Clinical Psychology with openness to their differences and advantages of their complementarity;
2) Know how to use forms of psychological assessment and intervention that allow an integrated intervention in the various clinical contexts;

3) Identify and formulate research questions or problems with scientific relevance and social relevance; research, identify and implement the appropriate method, data collection and analysis; and draw the appropriate conclusions and implications;
4) Relational listening and communication skills, confidence and flexibility, ability to work in a team, professionalism, situation analysis skills, application of knowledge and critical thinking, as well as ethical and deontological awareness;
5) Information literacy skills, namely through database searching; motivation to participate in workshops and deliberate practice activities


Programme structure

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Working Hours & Contacts


10:30h to 17:30h



Phone: +351 218 811 700

Fax: +351 218 860 954