Degree in Psychology

Course Presentation

In this first phase of training, students acquire knowledge in the basic areas of Psychology, contacting the main theories and methods of this discipline. They will also have access to training in related scientific areas, which are indispensable for a global and integrated understanding of human behaviour, enabling them to use knowledge critically and also for research, in compliance with ethical requirements specific to Psychology.


Key Learning Outcomes

This degree aims to introduce the main theories and methods of Psychology with particular emphasis on the fundamental areas of
Thus, the student must:
1. Acquire knowledge about the development of Psychology as a fundamental and applied science;
2. Acquire knowledge about the main fundamental areas of Psychology;
3. Acquire research skills in Psychology;
4. Acquire knowledge about the areas of Psychology Intervention;
5. Know the rationales underlying the evaluation in Psychology;
6. Know and appropriate the ethical principles that frame the exercise of psychology;
7. Acquire learning skills that allow them to learn throughout their lives with a high degree of autonomy


Programme structure

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Working Hours & Contacts


10:30h to 17:30h



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